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A Healing Oracle Deck by Dana O'Driscoll


Calamus, also known as Sweet Flag or Acorus Calamus (Latin), is a water-loving plant with a potent medicinal root.  I remember the first time I was able to meet this plant in the wild.  It was in a wet area that was next to a clean stream in a park; several of us in my herbalism class went into the calamus patch to harvest some for medicine.  The calamus was aromatic and wonderful, wafting up through our noses.  Harvesting small bits of roots, we took them home and made incredible medicine.  Calamus is difficult to find–like the elusive painted turtle that is featured in the center of this painting.  You know it is there, somewhere, but finding it takes some time and patience. Calamus is elusive, hard to find, and quite shy…but once you are able to find this potent medicine, the magic just flows.

Divination Meanings: Shyness, Elusiveness, Quietude, being Hidden.  Bringing hidden things to the surface, speaking one’s truth that has been hidden away.

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