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Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is a forest plant that teaches us about limits, restraint, and moderation. She does this both through her healing medicine as well as her current story. Black Cohosh is a native and increasingly rare plant here in the US. Like many other root-based healing herbs, she is quietly being stripped from forests and public lands due to the current demand for wild herbs and the larger “herbal” market. As demand for her increases, her native populations decline, an important lesson to any who would seek to use her. Black cohosh teaches the power of restraint and moderation as an herbal ally as well. As an herbal ally, she can be extremely effective for a host of femine-related issues in small doses, but in large doses, can leave you with a pounding headache and feeling hungover.

Divination Keywords: Moderation, Limits, Restraint, Avoiding Excess, Balance

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