The Plant Spirit Oracle Deck

A Healing Oracle Deck by Dana O'Driscoll


PSO Book Cover

PSO Book Cover

The Plant Spirit Oracle is a book and deck set, which you can purchase together or separately.  This page details the PSO book and some of the features.

To download a sample of the book and the first two chapters (including a table of contents, click here):  PSO_Ch1-2_Sample.

The Plant Spirit Oracle: Meanings, Recipes, and Journeys is a 204-page black and white book, printed 6×9″ format.  The book contains everything you need to work with the PSO on multiple levels:

  • Meanings of each card
  • Divination spreads (6 unique spreads for the PSO)
  • Working magically with the deck through rituals and healing work including offerings, establishing a sacred grove with the Plant Spirit Oracle, Calling in the Warriors Ceremony for Protection, Daily Inspiration ceremony, Plant Spirit Healing Ceremony, and Tea Healing Divination Ceremony.
  • Plant spirit medicine and spirit journey work
  • Herbalism practices, including how to prepare herbs and 49 specific recipes tied to each of the 49 oracle cards, growing herbs, harvesting herbs, honoring, herbs, and preparing tea, tincture, oils, salves, and plant essences
  • References and suggested additional readings

The PSO draws its inspiration from several sources including the Ancient Order of Druids in America’s Sphere of Protection ritual, the Celtic Golden Dawn‘s pathworking approaches, and the practices of Traditional Western Herbalism.


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